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ISE 2020 – Neets Review

Between the Corona Virus and Storm Ciara attendance numbers where significantly down at ISE and being the last time the show is in Amsterdam that is a huge shame. Well the team at Audio Visual Intelligence has decided to put together a range of stand reviews to give you some of the updates and new products that our brands where showing this year. Starting with Neets we will be providing the updates from our Manufactures stands so it feels like you where with us all along.

The Neets stand was filled with your regular culprits the Control Panels and Touch screens where shown off including last years RAVE winner the Uniform panel. The Uniform in particular had 2 demo stations showing how easy it is to program. (It took me less than 5 minutes from start to end) With the E-Ink technology in the Uniform there is also no need to print labels and extremely easy to change if required.

One of the highlights of the Neets stand was the new Bolzano UI designed by Neets this professional looking UI can be used with any colour combination and can easy add the company logo where needed. This was also shown on the new 8″ panel prototype which is made from recycled plastic. A very nice idea from Neets and showing they care for the environment, with this they have also implemented ways to save energy with automatic shutdown built into their software.

The newest product from Neets is the Solvo not expected to be released until Q2 this brought in the crowds as the named Pro AV system out of the box the Solvo is a hub that allows AV professionals to set up an entire AV system for smaller, low-tech meeting rooms without requiring configuration or special software. Its so new that Neets where asking installers what they expected to pay for a solution like this.

We had some great meetings on the Neets stand and some positive customer feedback everyone really liked the Uniform and how easy it was to program. If you would like a demo or to discuss any of your room control requirements any further please get in touch with or 01628 20 30 40.