Touch Panels by Neets

Take control of your meeting room

Made in Scandinavia – 20 years of Danish design history. Connect any device.

Customizable user interface. Familiar touch interaction for users. Flexible configuration – only the functions you need. Powered by PoE.

Scandinavian Design 

Neets is one of the leading AV control system manufacturers in Scandinavia, with over 20 years of experience in producing high quality, stylish and user-friendly solutions for meeting rooms and conference halls worldwide. 


Connect any device

The ‘brains’ behind the Touch Panels are the Control Systems LiMa or TanGo. Neets’ Control Systems are designed to be compatible with any type of equipment, regardless of brand or technology. A Neets Touch Panel can thus be used to control all the equipment in a room from one place, eliminating extra cables and remote controls from the room.


Customizable user interface

The touch panels’ interface can be configured with the specific buttons and functions that fit your rooms’ equipment setup and the users’ needs. Furthermore, the GUI can be customized to match the company’s branding and visual identity. By installing a standard type of control interface in all the company’s meeting spaces, you would create a clear and recognizable starting point for users when they hold a meeting, no matter which room they’re in. 

Familiar touch interaction  

Thanks to the prevalent use of smartphones and tablets in daily life, touch screens are a familiar interaction surface for most meeting room users. Therefore, a touch interface is both a logical and intuitive way for users to control a room’s AV equipment, without requiring much explanation and support from the IT department. 


Flexible configuration 

The touch panels’ interface can contain multiple ‘layers’ of functions, making it a flexible control system that can be adapted to fit any room’s specific requirements. The interface can also be used to provide onsite support to the room’s users, by configuring functions that provide information or guidelines about how to control the room’s equipment. 


PoE installation 

Power to the Touch Panels is supplied through PoE, meaning that the installation requires a minimum of cabling, making it a faster and cheaper option. 

Available in three different sizes.

4″, 7″ and 10″ touch screens available.

For huddle rooms

  • A recognisable user interface, similar to a smartphone
  • Small interface for simpler room equipment setup
  • Discreet control solution to be wall-mounted by the entrance or next to the display

For meeting rooms

  • Recognizable size and interface, similar to a tablet
  • Medium sized interface for standard meeting room equipment setups
  • An elegant interface that can be wall mounted or placed on a table stand

For conference rooms

  • Familiar touch format and interface
  • A solution for more complex equipment setup
  • Larger screen size allows for more functions on the interface
  • Ideal for video conferencing control
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Example of Installation