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Neets Sound Bar SB1

neets sound bar sb1

With the new Neets Sound Bar SB1 poor sound quality in video calls or meetings will never again spoil your experience.

Now, high class sound comes in one easy-to-install sound bar. The Neets Sound Bar SB1 is stylish , designed to bring your AV installation to life. Whether you’re in a meeting presenting a video, listening to an audio track or facilitating a conference call.

Shipping is expected in the beginning of Q4, 2017. Contact us for details


Neets Sound Bar SB1 Features:

  • Control System compatibility
    Compatible with all Neets Control Systems
  • Can be mounted anywhere or sit on a shelf
    Brackets for wall mounting included in the box
  • System
    2.0 stereo configuration, based on concept from stereo monitors: 2 set of 4” full-tone woofers + 1” tweeter
  • Amplifier
    Amplifier with built-in DSP functionality
  • Power on
    RS-232 or ”Wake-on-signal”
  • Cabinet
    All MDF construction is covered in black vinyl and the front grill is in fabric
  • Power indicator
    Power LEDs on the front integrated behind gril



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Neets Control – SieRRa II 8-Button Keypad

Neets Control - SieRRa II 8-Button Keypad

Neets Control – SieRRa II

8-Button Keypad with remote monitoring and iOS/Android

Struggling to control the sound in multiple meeting rooms due to an over complicated multi-room AV amp system?

The straightforward answer: a Neets SieRRa II, controlled using an iPad. This simple and easy-to-use solution gives users easy zone control and enables them to send different sounds to each room, while users of the individual meeting rooms easily manage the different rooms’ audio volume independently of each other

Neets Control – SieRRa II provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms through an 8-Button Keypad with built-in controller. SieRRa II also enables touch control with a tablet (iOS or Android) through a built-in webserver. PoE support to avoid an external PSU. Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings as well as Central Control monitoring is supported as a standard.

Neets Control – SieRRa II 8-Button Keypad Features:

  • 8-Button AV control system with iOS/Android support
    The world’s most compact AV control system – no external processors required
  • 8 Freely configurable keypad buttons
    Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms and all 8 buttons can be configured for any function
  • 1 Bi-directional RS-232 port or 2 IR ports
    Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers & other AV devices with feedback functionality
  • 2 Uni-directional RS-232 or 4 IR ports:
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication
  • 1 Ethernet port
    Used for controlling 10 LAN devices and connection to Central Control and Project Designer
  • 3 General Purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors
  • 1 NEB port (Neets Expansion Bus)
    Add up to 5 additional devices – choose between Keypad, Level Control or Port Expansion (serial and I/O)
  • 1 front USB port
    Used for easy system configuration, uploading and downloading project files, service and maintenance
  • PoE support
    Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU (12V PSU included)
  • Email notifications and warnings
    Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings
  • Infrared learner
    SieRRa II comes with a built-in IR learner.
  • Included:
    Configuration through our free and no-license software: Neets Project Designer


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