Neets Keypad Control

Meetings Simplified

One control interface for all devices- remove any extra remotes.

Familiar button interaction with visual cues that everybody can understand.

Flexible configuration – functions that are tailored to the room. Powered by PoE for a quick and easy installation.

Just push a button to start your meeting

Conference room technology should make collaboration easier, not more complicated. The Neets keypads offer full control over all meeting room equipment from one central control device.


Meeting room automation will increase your team’s productivity

We have designed our range of keypads to fit into any room and address the complexity of any type of meeting room/conference hall. A centralized control system for your equipment makes your team’s lives easier by eliminating the typical IT issues related to connecting to screens, projectors and sound – meaning that meetings start on time!  


No more remotes – no more frustration

The product range was developed with the aim to remove extra remote controls from the workplace. This removes all the frustration related to looking for missing remotes, figuring out which remote belongs to which device, and which buttons to press to get started.

Freely customizable keypads for any need

Our range of keypads includes both more basic designs that have only a few buttons to more elaborate panels that easily enable control over more complex rooms.
All of our keypad buttons can be customized with unique functions to fit the requirements of the room they are being installed in, regardless of whether a keypad has 4 or 8 buttons; providing a tailor-made AV solution.


Small meeting room, large meeting room, classroom or conference room

No matter the type, size and purpose of the room, Neets AV control systems can cover most major requirements. 


Neets Control – OsCar

  • 4 configurable buttons
  • USB/LAN configuration
  • Central Control available


Neets Control – Echo

  • 8 configurable buttons
  • USB configuration
  • Takes 2 NEB add-ons


Neets Control – Echo Plus

  • 8 configurable buttons
  • 1 RS232 Port
  • USB/LAN configuration
  • Central Control


Neets Control – Uniform

  • 8 configurable buttons
  • E-ink label
  • PoE powered
  • ClickShare/Kramer VIA integration


Neets Control – SieRRa II

  • 8 configurable buttons
  • Touch Control (GUI) 
  • up to 10 LAN controlled devices
  • up to 5 NEB add-ons
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