Audio Visual Intelligence are the authorized Matrox Video wall solution provider in PRO AV, we include free pre-sales support across the product range and free on site configuration for Mura based video wall systems when required. Please contact us if you would like arrange a meeting or training session with the AVI Video wall expert.

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Matrox Mura-Based Video Wall Controllers

Matrox Mura-based video wall controllers provide market-leading, multi-channel IP encode, IP decode, and physical capture all from one system. These platforms boast the industry’s highest-density/smallest-footprint systems, capable of fulfilling the most demanding video wall requirements. Whether small-, medium-, or large-scale, Mura-based controllers deliver an unprecedented range of functionality and flexibility, making them ideal for control rooms, digital signage, AV presentation, security, traffic management, and more.

  • High-reliability platforms designed for 24/7/365 operations.
  • Fully scalable to fit any video wall configuration (56 inputs, 56 outputs, and many more IP streams).
  • Easy-to-use Matrox MuraControl video wall management software.
  • Flexible integration with leading control systems, including Crestron and AMX.
  • World-class technical assistance and engineering teams for the best support in the industry.

Matrox Maevex H264 Encoders/Decoders

The Matrox Maevex™ video distribution over IP solution consists of the Maevex 5100 Series encoders and decoders that can extend or record up to 1080p60 video and audio over a standard IP network at user-defined low bit rates for excellent quality and minimal network bandwidth consumption. The Maevex encoder streams or records high-quality video and audio and uses the H.264 video compression standard. It can stream to Maevex decoders or any device or PC that supports the required network protocols. It can also record to a shared network or NAS drive. The robust Matrox PowerStream™ software is included with the hardware and is used to remotely discover, manage, and adjust the Maevex network and lets administrators conveniently define multiple stream parameters and balance network bandwidth consumption and quality. The Maevex API is also available to enable programmers to integrate current features into existing applications or create new, independent PowerStream-like software to meet their specific needs.