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Kordz THX Certified Cables

THX Certified cables

Are your HDMI cables THX Certified?

Kordz manufactures multi-award winning HDMI cables known for their adherence to HDMI compliance (CTS), high performance and demonstrable value for money

HDMI 2.0 Installations with Zero Downtime
– Engineered and built to deliver maximum up-time
– 0.3m to 3.0M increments for precision rack installations
– Solid 32AWG OFC conductors
– Induction soldered pin transitions for benchmark inter-terminal uniformity
– Anti-fatigue Die-cast Zn alloy connectors with 2kg retention force
– 100% of units tested on the production line for NIL Bit Error Rate (BER) @ 340Mcsc, <0.05% in-field failure rate
– Halogen free construction
– Limited lifetime warranty
– Licensed HDMI 2.0 Adopter company

Open a trade account with AVI today and start installing THX certified cables