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At Neets AV the Focus is on Making it Usable.

At Neets AV the Focus is on Making it Usable.

At Neets AV the Focus is on Making it Usable.

Users don´t really care about the technology itself, with the possible exception of some tech first-adopters who immerse themselves in the many wonders the AV industry creates. Most presenters simply want technology to work for them when they need it. Every time they need it.

So, why are many meeting rooms and learning spaces stuffed with technology and fancy devices with endless possibilities that will never be used? Large interactive and touch displays over loaded with features and functions?

IT/AV managers are the link between technology and users. They need to make difficult technology purchasing decisions, knowing that in a few months some devices may be discontinued or out of date with new ones offering even more functionality, higher resolution and more features.

When that is the case, how does an IT/AV manager make the right decisions and not just end up creating a need for even more IT support?

An important rule of thumb is keeping the focus on the user experience and finding ways to make life easier for the presenter. Instead of expensive control systems and equipment racks for example, they should install a simple keypad controller in every meeting room or learning space. Having the same user interface in every room means that you can turn the display on/off, turn the volume up/down, and switch between the laptop and screen the same way in every room.

It’s simply easier and more intuitive for users, and that’s exactly what the team at Neets focus on. They believe in making life easy for presenters, whether that’s with physical keypad buttons equivalent to a fixed remote control, touch panel-based solutions or even automatic-detecting display controllers.

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