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ProDVX official UK Distribution by AVI

ProDVX is a privately held company located in Den Bosch in The Netherlands  and a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan.

The ProDVX brand was founded in 2004 and seven years later was established as an independent company.

ProDVX provides high quality Hardware & Software solutions for various applications and markets such as; Digital Signage,
Interactive Digital Signage (kiosks), Office Automation (room booking), Home Automation, Security and more.

Their products are globally known for their reliability, affordability and ease-of-use. Due to continuous research and development
they are able to offer you the latest technology in combination with unique features and proven quality. The ProDVX goal is to consistently
offer you a wide range of Hardware and Software solutions  you can rely on.

ProDVX supplies its products through a network of distributors and resellers. ProDVX distributors are chosen due to their ability provide prompt and quality service and professional level support.

AVI is delighted to provide ProDVX official UK Distribution.

All our ProDVX distributed products come with a 24 month warranty

prodvx android devices

ProDVX offers a wide variety of Professional Grade Android devices such as:

  • Professional Tablets (7″ – 32″)
  • Integrated Monitors (32″ >)
  • Box Players / Micro PC’s
  • Custom-Made Solutions (OEM/ODM)

All of them build using more than 20 years of passion and experience in the industry.

With our Android Devices you can reach your customers and have them interact with your brand in a way that is proven to increase sales and brand awareness. Made of durable materials and built specifically for commercial use, ProDVX Devices have been developed to solve the problems found in commercial environments that consumer tablets are not designed for.

ProDVX offers a wide variety of Android applications for DS(Q) series tablets and ABPC series boxes:

  • APPC-10DS(Q)(P)(L)
  • APPC-15DSQ(P)
  • APPC-22DSQ
  • APPC-24DSQ
  • APPC-27DSQ
  • APPC-32DSQ
  • ABPC-542(P)
  • ABPC-543

We are able to provide you the following apps:

  • Lite Signage Player (one off license)
  • Kiosk Browser (free app)
  • Video Looper (free app)
  • Touch Player (free app)
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